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Author Notes:

Disclaimer: Not my characters, no money being made, etc., etc.

Harry Potter sprawled out on a conjured couch as he waited patiently for his fiancee to kick Terry Boot's arse.

He would have bet the vault that Hermione would outduel her opponent even if it had been an even pitch. But with her thinly veiled plans to unleash her “mammaries of mass distraction”…that was so much icing on the cake, and more welts upon Boot's bum.

He knew the exact moment when his fiancee shed her jacket during the duel, even without getting up to sneak a look; the roar of the small group of witnesses came through quite clearly. He laughed when he imagined the different reactions from both witches and wizards. If only within this small, close-knit group, Hermione's stereotypical characterization as a school-marmish bookworm should be forever dead and gone.

Of course, Harry had recognized that Hermione had blossomed into a vivacious and sexy witch ages ago, back on the beaches of Montenegro. Even more so on the beaches of Kerela State, where she seemed happiest when she was wearing nothing more than the jewelry that adorned her body piercings.

The thought of those piercings, and the memory of how she had obtained them brought a smile to Harry's lips and a strain to the front of his trousers. It was supposed to be only the nose, and Harry had originally been opposed to anything that would “distract from her perfect natural beauty” (boyfriend words that he was amply rewarded for). But Hermione persisted, saying that she had assurances that it was completely reversible, and that a nose stud would be a wonderfully visible reminder of the time and place where he had proposed to her (as nose piercings were relatively common amongst South Indian women).

Hermione had visited the “piercing witch” while Harry was still in hospital recovering from his serpentine battle bites. The small hut hidden within a grove of cinnamon trees didn't look like a sterile environment, but the witch that ran the shop was quite welcoming, and patiently answered all of Hermione's questions. She soon discovered that there were many benefits to having a witch do your body art - topical numbing potions, infection-preventing healing salves…and the potions that really could instantly reverse the process and magically close existing openings. The nose hole took all of thirty pain-free seconds to complete, which made it quite a simple decision to get a little more work done (as long as she was already there).

After the nose it was cartilage on her left ear, and then her navel. The witch tried to convince Hermione to do her tongue, claiming that it would drive her fiance wild during fellatio. But Hermione resisted, knowing full well what her dentist parents would say about that sort of thing. Next was the sales pitch for a pierced clitoral hood, combined with a charmed ring that would provide “guaranteed stimulation and orgasmic satisfaction on demand.” Hermione was intrigued, but had to politely decline, as the piercing would have certainly interfered with her newly fitted pleasure strip.

By that point, getting her nipples done seemed like a pedestrian afterthought. Of course, Harry didn't think so. He had gone bonkers when Hermione returned to his hospital room to show off her new jewelry, and responded physically in a way that required a discrete Scourgify spell.

The memory of Hermione flashing her nipple rings while he was still sick in bed made Harry nearly as hard now as he had been back then. And that got him wondering how many of the wizards out in the main room were having similar reactions. Harry did consider the possibility that Ron and the others had learned to control themselves during previous Club activities (just like he had quickly learned to do acclimate on the Adriatic Coast). But knowing his mates and the visual impact of those piercings, he doubted they'd be able to keep their wood down.

That the witches in the other room were willing to shed their clothes and submit to spankings… Harry had decided that was a wonder all on its own. Although he did understand that most of the female students were taking NEWT-level Ancient Runes, and that they'd all been nude in front of each other and in front of male classmates. And while NEWT-level Divination Classes didn't involve naked tealeaf readings, Harry had every confidence that Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were comfortable in their own skins. How could they not be, with the outfits they wore at night while hanging around the Gryffindor Common Room?

This led Harry to imagine what each of the other witches would look like without clothing, and he began to worry again about getting hard while dueling Susan, despite Hermione's reassurances. It had been one thing to become acclimatized to the sight of Hermione and other female beachgoers lounging about in only their thongs. But none of these other women had sat on Harry's lap, and ground her bum down onto his crotch, and described just how powerful their orgasms had been when a female roommate spanked their bare arse beet red.

All of these thoughts got Harry painfully hard, which is something that a still topless Hermione immediately noticed when she came to fetch him for his duel. With her hands on her hips, and a smile her lips, she asked, “So, the idea of getting Susan naked getting you all hot and bothered?”

Harry blushed as he swung his legs around and sat up in an attempt to lose his erection within the loose fabric of his trousers.

“No,” he said, “Well, I dunno, maybe a bit… I was mostly thinking about how you were putting your nipple rings to work against Terry…your idea did work, right?”

Hermione smiled as she closed the door and walked over to the couch. She placed her left hand on Harry's bulge, and leaned forward so that her breasts were hanging free in front of Harry's face.

“Was there any doubt?” she asked.

Harry smiled as he pulled his head up and lightly caught a breast between his lips and flicked her nipple ring with his tongue, causing her to moan and tighten her grip.

“Never,” her mumbled, as he started to grind up against her hand.

Hermione chuckled, and, after giving Harry a few seconds to lavish attention on her other nipple ring, pulled away from his reach.

“Keep a lid on it, Mister, I've got money on you keeping your control during the duel.”

“Well then,” Harry said with embarrassment, “short of a freezing charm, it'll take a few moments for me to go soft.”

Hermione grinned. “Who said anything about soft?” she asked. “I want you to walk out there just hard enough to make every other witch drench their knickers with jealousy.”

Harry's eyes lit up “Say, if you really want them to be jealous,” he said. He reached into his jacket and withdrew his wand, and with a word and small gesture the concealment charm on Hermione's ring finger was cancelled.

“Are you sure about this?” Hermione asked.

“Absolutely,” Harry replied.

Hermione let out a “squee,” then jumped onto the couch and gave him his favorite kind of snog (Harry on his back, with a topless Hermione straddling his hips and leaning forward so that he could play with his “toys”). When they finally broke for air, Harry modified his response.


Hermione smiled and said, “Now there's a word for the day!”

She then stood, took Harry's hand in hers, and helped him up. Using her free hand to adjust Mr. Phoenix's position, she created an impressive trouser profile that wasn't too obscene. They then rejoined the others in the sitting area adjacent to the dueling platform.

Hermione was betting that Lavender Brown would be the first to notice, but wasn't sure whether that attention would be paid to her ring or Harry's trousers. But as her former roommate was waiting to see how Harry had dressed for the duel, the choice should have been obvious.

“Merlin, Potter,” Lavender called out. “Nice tent!”

Harry chuckled. “Who wouldn't get hard,” he replied, as he led Hermione around front of the furniture, “when his fiancee is the sexiest witch in her generation?”

The word “fiancee” caused all sorts of shouts and squeals of delight as witches shifted their hungry gazes from Harry's hard-on to Hermione's left hand. They rushed over to have a closer look at Hermione's now-visible engagement ring, and pushed her down onto a couch so that they could goggle and shoot questions from all different angles. She was all too happy to show off her ring, and to describe the romantic setting in which Harry had proposed.

Harry took a step back and allowed Hermione some well-deserved limelight. His mates gathered round and shook his hand and slapped his back, but his attention was still on Hermione. The fact that she was topless yet in close physical contact with the other witches (as they pulled her hand one way then the other) was quite stimulating, and brought a firmer bulge to Harry's trousers.

Seamus noticed. “Hey Harry, aren't you used to Hermione's jewelry by now?”

Susan Bones's eyes twinkled as she shifted her gaze from Harry's crotch to Seamus's face. “I think the answer is obvious, don't you, Mr. Finnegan?” She then turned back to Hermione and told her that she could cover up now that her duel had finished.

“Why would I want to do that?” asked Hermione with a smile. “I thought we were supposed to be getting used to being naked in front of each other.” As if to emphasize this point, she stood up and pulled out her wand. Her shorts and thong were then dispatched to her rucksack, unveiling her hairless pubic area (the “landing strip” had been sacrificed for a better fitting pleasure strip). Hermione then nonchalantly sat down and leaned against the seat back, with her engagement ring hand resting on her stocking clad thigh. That she had talked about being naked but somehow forgot to banish her black silk hold-ups and boots was, in Harry's opinion, incredibly hot (and entirely intentional).

“Merlin, Hermione, where's your tan lines?” asked Susan.

Hermione looked down at her crotch, and then made a show of looking underneath each bum cheek and inside the elastic of each stocking. She then shrugged her shoulders and said, “Guess I must have left them back in India.”

“Woo-hoo, you go girl!” said Lavender.

Lisa Turpin leaned over the couch and quietly asked, “I thought you told Terry that you had another piercing?”

“Couldn't really hide a piercing down there without any pubes,” joked Parvati.

Hermione ignored her former roommates, and instead turned to face the Seventh-Year Ravenclaw. She smiled thinly and then said, “You seem very observant, Lisa.”

The witch blushed red with embarrassment as she lifted a strand of honey-brown hair away from her face and pushed it behind an ear. “Maybe, erm…you want me to join you?”

Hermione snorted. “I think that would be an excellent idea, Lisa,” she replied. “But won't you need something to strip off during your duel later on?”

“Erm…yes, I guess you're right,” Lisa replied. She then stepped away from the couch with even more embarrassment over having asked the question.

Luna, who had been sitting to Hermione's left, nodded in agreement and squeezed her friend's naked thigh. “Well on that point at least I can join you, Hermione.” She pulled her wand from the twist in her hair, and while still seated banished her clothing.

Harry really wasn't trying to stare, but found his eyes inexorably drawn to Luna's and Hermione's bodies and their thigh-to-thigh skin contact. Luna had small but plump breasts, and as she was sitting he could just see the hint of blonde pubic hair that was visible above her closed-legged lap.

“Luna!” Ron shouted. “What are you on about?”

“Hermione is right,” Luna replied serenely.

“But…but what about your duel?”

“You and I aren't dueling today, Ronald,” Luna informed him. “You've still got some curves to calibrate and I'll be scraping sweat for you.”

Ron swallowed nervously. “That means…”

“Yes, Ronald,” said Luna. “That means that you don't need to keep your clothes on for a duel, either.”

“Erm me…naked?” Ron stammered. “You mean starkers…right in front of Hermione and all of the others?”

“What's the big deal, mate?” Harry asked with a grin. “It's not like they didn't see all of you yesterday, right?”

“Actually, we didn't” Lavender replied, with obvious disappointment. “In fact, none of these guys have gone Full Monty for us.”

“That's not exactly true,” Neville replied defensively. “I was starkers when I was spell-spanking Susan.”

“Yes, but that wasn't with any of the other wizards around,” Parvati noted. “And it wasn't the group…just you and Susan, with Luna and Padma collecting sweat.”

“What about the calibration curves?” asked Seamus.

“Again, that was just you guys and the scrapers,” Padma replied.

Harry was confused. “But they had initiation duels, right?”

“They've always been just a little bit better than we have,” replied Lisa Turpin. “Never gotten any of them out of their knickers, much less spanked them.”

“Oh,” Harry replied. “But then there's Ancient Runes, right?”

“Erm, Harry, dear, Terry was the only wizard here that was in that class.”

“Oh, right.”

“What's all this about your Runes class, then?” Ron asked Luna.

Luna giggled as she placed her hands on her knees and spread her legs apart, with nary a thought of how much more of a show she was providing for the wizards standing in front of her. “Harry's probably talking about the times when all of the virgin witches in the class dance naked around ritual circles,” she said.

“What?” asked Ron.

“Oh yeah,” Padma teased. “First it's the dancing, and then we drip hot wax from the candles all over our naked bodies.”

“And don't forget the cunnilingus ritual,” added Lisa with a smile.

Ron, Seamus, and (to a lesser extent) Neville adopted fish out of water gobsmacked expressions as they followed the discussion.

“You really do all that in Ancient Runes?” asked Ron in wonder.

Hermione smiled sweetly as she touched Ron's cheek and nodded. “It really is a shame you chose to take Divination, Ron.”

“You got that right,” he replied.

Ron's brain was too busy spinning to notice Harry as he desperately tried to keep a straight face. The only wizard in the Club that would actually know the truth was Terry, and he wasn't saying anything. In fact, as Harry looked around he couldn't find Hermione's dueling partner at all.

“So speaking of Runes, where is Terry?” he asked.

Harry's question brought out some derisive comments and a few jeers.

Hermione explained, “Terry was asked to leave the Club until he grew up and apologized to Su Li.”

“But he did have a corporeal patronus,” Harry said.

“He also had a stick up his arse that none of the witches wanted to pull out,” said Neville. “Doesn't matter if he has the strength of a gladiator…there weren't any volunteers to collect his sweat.”

“And speaking of sticks up arses,” said Hermione, “we were talking about equal opportunity for wizards to get and stay naked?”

“Yeah, that's right,” said the other female students (in various forms and variants).

Hermione reached out for Harry's trouser-covered leg and said, “I know that Harry will strip down and join us, Luna, even if he does win the duel and keeps his clothes on…right honey?”

Harry started to object to being volunteered that way, but then he felt Hermione's hand running up and down his leg and decided that there would be benefits for going along with her program.

“Erm…absolutely, Hermione,” he replied.

This announcement got a uniformly positive response (at least from the witches), but pressured Ron into following his girlfriend's naked footsteps. He tried to deflect this attention to himself by mentioning that there still was an initiation duel to be had. That call was seconded, and Harry and Susan soon found themselves face-to-face on the dueling platform.

It turned out to be more like face-to-cleavage, as Susan had decided that it was a good time to bend over retie her shoelaces. Seeing her breasts almost fall out of her scoop-necked t-shirt.forced Harry into his “beach occlumancy” exercises. He focused inward, and created a mental wall of Neville's dirty socks stuffed into Umbridge's tea cups to separate his libido from his eyesight.

With “things” under good-enough control, Harry announced his intention to forfeit the first four rounds of the match, so that he could limit further injury to his leg.

This caused an uproar…not about duel protocols, but over the wagering on the match. It was noted that Hermione had been the only one to bet that Susan would win at least four duels, and there were cries of collusion and bet-rigging. Hermione scowled, and replied that she could swear on her magic that she had no certain knowledge of Harry's plans (which was sort of true, if you emphasized “certain” rather strongly). She also said that she'd be willing to either call all of the bets off, or to use her winnings to help underwrite an engagement party. She asked for a vote, and since there were more witches than wizards in the room, the party won (to the chagrin of Ron and Seamus).

Harry used the betting scandal distraction to calm Mr. Phoenix as he stripped down to his crimson briefs without too much attention. Or so he thought. The blokes certainly didn't care to see just how well he filled out his silk undies, but from his fiancee's perspective all of the other witches made it a point to keep track of Harry's progress. The staring started with first sight of his sculpted pecs and tight stomach (toned during a couple of time-turned months of swimming and physical therapy), and got really intense when he carefully pulled the front of his trousers out and over his briefs.

To one side of Hermione, Padma was expressing disappointment that Harry's nipples weren't pierced, while Lisa Turpin was standing behind Padma with a glazed expression and a crotch that was flush (and fidgety) against the upholstered edge of the couch. Meanwhile, on the other side, Hermione caught Parvati and Lavender whispering furiously, then watched as they pointed their wands at each other's laps and cast spells.

Their “notice-me-not” charms worked, but only to a point. While nobody could take direct interest in the fact that the two witches had slipped their hands inside their own knickers, Hermione was smart enough to notice how their breath was shortening, how their sofa cushions were moving rhythmically, and how their hands had disappeared somewhere. She smiled, and briefly considered casting a discrete Finite, before realizing that it was actually a trick that might come in handy.

Particularly when she noticed the small drop of pre-cum that had blossomed onto the front of Harry's briefs.

Once the betting scandal discussion settled down, Susan expressed her disappointment in the fact that Harry had limited the number of potential spankings. But in the spirit of fair play she decided to forfeit four rounds as well, and to match Harry's clothing count.

First she kicked off her shoes and socks, Then, Susan lifted her t-shirt up and over her head, “accidentally” catching the bottom of her breasts as she raised the hem, so that they bounced rather brightly on the rebound. Harry noticed that her black lace bra was a much more substantial garment than any of Hermione's unmentionables, but was quick to appreciate the required level of support for a 34D brassiere.

Susan smiled with false modesty as she slipped her bra straps off of each shoulder, then covered herself with one arm while she reached behind and unhooked herself. The sudden slackness in the fabric caught Harry's eye as Susan brought her other arm around front, so that each arm held the bra in place as she leaned forward and freed her breasts from their cups. She then slowly leaned back upright and stared straight at Harry as she let her hands go to her sides and let her bra drop to the floor.

Harry noticed red lines that criss-crossed Susan's skin where her undergarment had battled gravity whilst trying to restrain her heavy grapefruit-sized breasts. Each was capped with a pink nipple that was as wide as Harry's thumb, and almost as long. He was certain that Susan's bra must have been charmed to conceal her prominent points, because Harry certainly would have noticed otherwise.

“You do realize that a banishing spell would have been quicker, don't you, Susan?” quipped Lavender.

“And take the risk she'd banish a little bit of her breasts along with the bra?” asked Neville with amusement.

“It'd take more than a little bit to be lost before anyone noticed,” snarked Parvati.

“Are you quite finished, ladies?” Susan asked with a smile. Getting no intelligible response, Susan untied the drawstring on her spandex shorts and stripped them down to her ankles, letting her breasts swing freely as she bent over. The shorts were tight enough to take some of her sheer white knickers with them, so that the back flipped half-way down her arse. She giggled as she reached up and readjusted herself before stepping out of her shorts.

Susan's figure could be used to define the word “buxom,” with curvy hips to match the curves of her breasts. Her sheer knickers rode high on those hips, slimming down to a string that was just a bit thinner than the sides of Harry's briefs. The waistband was trimmed in lace, and decorated down the front with a column of small white bows. While this bit of decoration hid Susan's folds from view through the sheer fabric, they weren't wide enough to hide all of her pubic hair, or the fact that, like Luna, she had no need for magical hair dyes.

Once she finished stripping down, Susan picked her wand back off the floor and stood up, shifting her weight slightly from one foot to the other. She looked over to Harry, who had been semi-hard when she started to strip and had managed to stay that way. She then shifted her gaze to the other wizards in the room.

“Like what you see, boys?” she asked.

The other witches laughed, as Seamus and Ron had suddenly found need to stand up from where they'd been sitting and move directly behind the furniture. Neville, on the other hand, made no attempt to hide his appreciation for Susan's charms. He waited until he caught her eye and replied, “Your confidence adds to your beauty, Susan…I'll be sweating high today for sure.”

“Oh, you say the nicest things, Neville,” Susan replied sweetly. She then said, “So the match score stands at four-all with three rounds to play, right?”

Harry smiled as he nodded and brought his wand up in a salute.

“Milady,” he replied, and bowed deeply.

Susan smiled and jiggled her dangling breasts when she bowed low just as Hermione had.

Unfortunately (but, she would admit, predictably) Susan's actions failed to distract Harry, as he had entered into his “battle mind” state, in which his senses focused only on that which was needed for him to survive. Neville counted down to zero, and she fired a paintball directly at Harry's chest. He dodged just enough for the paintball to pass by his side. Harry's return volley sent four balls out in a diamond pattern. Susan had also moved to the side after firing, but wasn't able to react quickly enough to dodge the ball sent in anticipation of that shift. It struck her square on the upper arm.

“Ouch,” she said. “That would have felt better if you had aimed for my bits.”

“But why would I want to cover those beautiful orbs with paint, Susan?” Harry replied.

“Careful, Hermione,” Susan replied brightly. “Your fiance is flirting with me.”

“No, he's just being truthful,” Hermione replied. “Although calling your breasts `orbs' sounds like he's been reading Harlequin novels behind my back.”

Hermione's response drew a laugh.

“Oh, well, time to get naked,” Susan said with poorly disguised glee. She hooked a thumb into each side of her knickers and pulled them down to the floor. After stepping out of her panties she picked them up, and tossed them towards Harry. Whether by practice or by sheer dumb luck, they landed straight onto Harry's wand like she'd been playing a ring toss game.

“A present, Susan?” Harry asked.

“To the victor goes the knickers,” she replied.

“You know, Susan, ladies are supposed to show knights their favor by throwing scarves at them, rather than their underwear,” Hermione replied.

“This cuts to the chase though, doesn't it?” Lavender replied.

Harry laughed as walked over to Susan and transferred her knickers from his wand tip to hers. “Milady,” he said nobly, “Though I am honored by your support, my heart belongs to one who has already graced me in similar fashion.”

“That's funny, Harry,” Parvati said. “Knights are supposed to wear the signs of their lady's love…don't see you showing off Hermione's knickers on your lance.”

“You must be blind, Parvati,” Ron quipped. “Skimpy as those red shorts are, it's clearly Hermione's knickers that Harry is wearing.”

Susan pouted, but only for a second. She then walked over to Neville and raised her wand so that her knickers were a few inches away from his nose. “Brave Sir Neville,” she asked, “whilst thou carry this sign of my favor upon the field of battle?”

Neville smiled. “Suppose you want to tie it around my lance yourself?”

“Oh, no,” Susan replied in mock horror. “I certainly wouldn't want to cut off any of that lovely blood flow.” She then pulled the knickers off of her wand and stuffed them down the front of Neville's sweatpants.

“Close enough,” Susan announced.

Harry laughed along with the others at Susan's antics, but said nothing as she returned to her station for the next round. It was then he'd noticed that her trimmed pubic hair did a poor job of hiding two very large and puffy lips. But that caught his eye for only a second, as Susan tried to up her distraction level by proving that she (unlike Hermione) could easily caress her breasts with her tongue.

“Oh, sorry, Harry,” Susan said when she saw he had noticed. “I always duel better with wet nipples, don't you?”

Harry laughed at Susan's comment, and decided that was good enough reason to lose the next round. Susan hit him square in the chest. He smiled, banished the paint from his pectorals, then stuck his wand behind an ear (just like Luna liked to do) so that he could use both hands to strip off his shorts.

Hermione decided that Harry's “shock and awe” attack worked even better than hers did. Unlike Terry's penis, which shrank down to nothing when he wasn't aroused, Harry was almost as long soft as he was hard. And so there was quite a bit dangling when he stepped out of his shorts. The other girls lost all sense of decorum at the sight and flat out gasped when Harry stood up straight and smiled.

“Merlin's testicles, Hermione,” exclaimed Lavender, “you weren't padding when you transfigured that stapler, were you?”

“No,” the Muggleborn witch replied rather proudly, “I wasn't.”

Harry resisted the opportunity to banter with Mr. Phoenix's admirers, and was actually more interested in the reaction of his mates. The sight of his penis was nothing new to the three, thanks to Gryffindor Tower's gang showers, so if they were shocked it must have been over how eager the witches had been to verbally express their appreciation.

Harry looked over to Hermione and shrugged his shoulders. She rolled her eyes, then nodded slightly towards Lavender and Parvati (Harry couldn't tell why, though, for Parvati had just decided to cast a Silencio and to extend the notice-me-not over the entire couch). She then nodded to the other direction, where Harry saw clear evidence that Padma's and Lisa's bras had no magical restraints on perky nipple displays. He snorted, shrugged his shoulders again, and turned to Neville.

“Shall we finish this?”

Neville nodded as he looked towards Susan. She nodded with eyes still fixed at Harry's crotch. When Neville's count got to zero, she shook out the cobwebs, and while Harry stood there, turned her wand on herself.

The paintball, fired at close range, stung her left nipple enough for her to cry out in pain.

“I lose,” Susan announced.

There were cheers and everyone clapped (except for Lavender and Parvati, for their hands were still busy). Neville announced that Harry should get the spanking over quickly so that the other Club members could get on with their own duels.

When Harry asked the same question that Hermione had voiced about spanking spell strength, Susan eagerly volunteered to assist in calibration. Hermione, however, surprised everyone in the room when she informed Harry that he already knew just how hard to spank. When he gave her an uncertain look, she said, “Just make it as strong as that last slap on my arse, Professor Potter.”

This prompted an excited chatter of questioning, during which time Hermione explained (to Harry's slight embarrassment) how they had experimented with role playing in order to determine whether spanking sweat would be a viable substitute for shagging sweat. Although she took care to omit the parts involving lines, staplers, and quill feathers, Hermione did describe her outfit, and how her “Professor” had pulled her over his knee, lifted her skirt, and spanked her bare bum.

Hermione didn't mention the part about rubbing herself on Harry's erection, but Susan didn't need that kind of clue to consider the potential for some painful pleasure. She let out a “squee” as she conjured a straight-backed wooden chair behind Harry, then used a summoning spell to drag it across the floor and catch him behind the knees (forcing him to sit down). She then quickly ran around and bent herself over Harry's lap, daintily moving his semi-hard penis to the side so that she didn't hurt it when she settled her weight onto his lap.

“Is a naked bum okay, Harry?” Susan asked. “Or should I Accio my school uniform for you to play with?”

Shocked that Susan had just adjusted him, it was all Harry could do to spit out, “'It's fine.” From an excitement standpoint, it was both better and worse. Better control in the sense that it was Susan, rather than his fiancee on his lap, but worse because they were both naked and Susan was already stiffening up Mr. Phoenix as she “adjusted” herself for maximum stimulation. Harry looked up at Hermione, who smiled and pointed out that with only one spank to deliver that it didn't really matter if it was a spell or his hand…there wouldn't be enough sweat to warrant scraping. With that blessing in hand, and with a confirmatory “thumbs-up” from Neville, Harry delivered Susan's punishment. His hand stung, her arse reddened, and Susan's moaning was clearly discernible above the “oohs” and “ahs” from the crowd.

Susan was kind enough to stop squirming just long enough for Harry to soften before she leapt up and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. Which made Harry nervous, until she walked over and thanked Hermione in the same manner.

With the initiation over, it was time for everybody else to get involved in their club activities. As Luna had hinted, Ron had not yet completed the potency calibration for his sweat. Hermione began chatting with Lisa about the arithmancy involved, but not loud enough to drown out Luna asking Ron if he wanted to do the collection right there. When Ron asked what was involved, Luna (who was still nude at this point) reached her hand into his shorts and started to fondle him. He quickly grabbed her hand, lifted it out of his sweatpants, and led her to a private changing room. Before she left, Luna had the Room add two additional dueling platforms to the main room, and converted each of the changing rooms into approximations of the Muggle saunas that she had discovered during her Scandinavian Snorkack hunts.

Left behind in the main room were the three naked Club members that had already dueled, and six clothed members who had not. This made the math rather simple, with Susan, Hermione and Harry serving as judges for three separate paintball duels. Rock-paper-scissors was used to match Seamus against Parvati, Neville against Padma, and Lisa against Lavender. No random games were necessary to divvy up the judges; Susan and Hermione colluded and with evil grins pushed Harry towards the witch-on-witch duel.

Lisa and Lavender had moved to the far platform, which gave Harry a clear view of the three concurrent duels once he took his position as their judge. Being the judge for a duel with only one possible spell and obvious evidence of hits and misses wasn't that hard, so Harry's eyes had opportunity to move around the room. He took that opportunity often, so as to not dwell too long on Lisa and Lavender's clothes shedding. Of course, the fact that Hermione was judging with her back turned to him was incentive as well, as she frequently wiggled her bum for his benefit.

Hermione was on the far platform, with Seamus and Parvati. During that duel, Seamus learned that nipple piercings could be just as distracting on a judge as they were on an opponent. Parvati won 7-4, and was roundly congratulated by the other witches for keeping her knickers on and forcing her wizard opponent to strip starkers. Seamus was gracious and good-humored in defeat, and not all that shy about revealing an averaged-size erect penis and pubes that were just as curly as the hair on his head. He also was bold enough to ask that he receive his spankings as Susan did, and since witches in the club didn't have to practice their spanking spells, Hermione allowed it. The only twist was that Parvati delivered the blows while Seamus was bent over Lavender's lap (once her duel had been completed).

In the center platform Susan judged the duel between Neville and Padma. All three seemed very friendly and helpful during the match…so much so that whenever someone lost a round, their opponent and judge both helped clean off the paint and remove an article of clothing. Harry thought Neville wasn't trying all that hard to win. It would have been hard to fault him, though, as Susan and Padma's hands roamed rather freely whenever Neville lost. The one round that Harry couldn't help but laugh over was when Neville was left only with his boxers. Susan's knickers were hanging halfway out of his waistband, and Padma suggested that they should count as clothing as well. Susan agreed, and told Neville that he either had return the sign of her favor, or lose his boxer shorts. Not wanting to disappoint his lady, Neville smiled and stripped down. Susan then made the wicked suggestion that Neville wear her knickers in place of his boxers, but given that both Susan and Padma were starkers at that point Neville was quite hard. He therefore decided to “wear” the sign of his lady's favor by letting those knickers hang off the end of his erection. Neither Susan or Padma minded, and Neville ended up winning by a 7-4 score. Padma insisted not just on spell-spanking but having Neville “calibrate” his spells on her bare bum. This, of course, was a joke, since Neville had been spell-spanking for the past four days, but he was chivalrous enough to honor his opponent's request.

And then there was the match that Harry was judging. The first odd thing he noticed was that Lisa and Lavender were both shooting brown-colored paint balls. When the first hit splattered against Lavender's t-shirt, Harry asked about the difference. Lavender smiled, smeared a finger through the dark brown goo, and then licked it clean, explaining that chocolate syrup was a lot more fun to clean up than white paint.

Harry had been quite proud of the fact that Mr. Phoenix had behaved during the initial rounds of the match. But then Lisa Turpin guessed wrong, got clipped by a chocolate ball, and was forced to strip off her shorts. The navy blue knickers she was wearing were not incredibly sexy, or sheer, or thongy. They were, in fact, rather conservative in cut when compared to what the other witches were wearing (or had already been forced to take off). But even with this ample coverage, Lisa's knickers were unable to restrain the thick tangled mat of hair that lay underneath. Harry's eyes and Mr. Phoenix's interest were immediately drawn to thin lines of curly pubes that peeked out the sides of the panties. It reminded Harry so much of that first day on the Montenegran beach with Hermione, when he caught sight of her renegade pubes and fell immediately head-over-heels rock-hard in lust.

It almost made Harry yearn for the pre-pleasure strip “good-old-days,” when Hermione still had a bit of hair down there to tease and play with. And it most definitely made him hard. Fortunately, Hermione's back was still turned and nobody made much of Harry's condition (whether because they were too polite, or too afraid that he'd hide it away if he was called on it).

When the score became tied at four Harry was able to compare Lavender's large, brown-nippled breasts against Lisa's smaller cone-shaped set. Lisa then caught Lavender with a syrup ball flat against the definitely-not-flat chest in Round Nine. Lavender smiled, and began to clean off the chocolate with her fingers rather than her wand. She made it a point to wipe her nipples clean first, which created an interesting contrast of pink against chocolate brown. Lavender then redoubled Mr. Phoenix's interest by asking Lisa if she wanted to help. Lisa agreed, and started dragging her fingers along the bottom curves of Lavender's breasts, and licked her fingers clean once they started to drip.

It was the stuff of school-boy fantasy (unless, a small voice in his head reminded him, that boy was a member of Harry's fan club). Lavender was quite appreciative of Lisa's help, and told Harry that there was more than enough room for his fingers, or better still his tongue, to join in. Managing to keep his response down to only a slightly noticeable twitch of his erect penis, Harry politely declined.

Once Lavender was cleaned-up, and able to proudly display her clean-shaven crotch, Harry counted down the next round. It was Lisa's turn to catch chocolate on her breasts (what a surprise, Harry thought), and Lavender's turn to help with some cleansing caresses. Lisa didn't wait for the clean-up to be completed before dropping her knickers and revealing her mass of untrimmed pubic hair. Harry thought he heard Lisa inviting Lavender to clean up a drip of chocolate that had trailed down into her navel and beyond, but the witch just smiled and shook her head. Harry wasn't all that disappointed, however, for the sight of Lisa cleaning chocolate sauce from her own pubes was erotic enough by itself.

Lisa whispered something into Lavender's ear just before they separated for the final round. Her opponent giggled and nodded her head, causing Harry to wonder just what the two witches were up to. He soon found out when, after counting down to zero, Lisa and Lavender aimed their wands not at each other, but at Mr. Phoenix, and fired direct hits that lathered Harry's erection in chocolate sauce.

“Sorry, Harry,” said Lavender, “bad aim…why don't you let us clean that up?”

As Lisa and Lavender approached Harry he rolled his eyes and motioned them to keep their distance.

“Oh, you're no fun,” Lavender said disappointingly. “At least,” she sighed, “there's the spanking to be had.”

Harry shook his head, wondering how he got into this terribly delightful mess. “Hitting the judge disqualifies a duelist, so you both lose that last round and need to spank each other once.”

“No, Harry,” Lisa said with a smile. “According to the rules of the International Dueling Confederation, if a duelist is disqualified from a multi-round match the official score is recorded as the worst-possible loss.”

Harry snorted. “So you are saying that each of you just lost 11-0?”

“Oh, I think you're right, Lisa,” said Lavender brightly. “Each of us needs to be spanked eleven times, and I, for one, insist that it's the judge that administers the punishment.”

“I agree,” Lisa said slyly. “Although it will be kind of messy bending over Harry's chocolate covered lap.”

Lavender giggled and added, “Not to mention bumpy.”

A voice from behind them announced, “I'll take care of both of those problems ladies, thank you very much.”

Harry looked up at mouthed a silent “Thank You” to his fiancee as she approached him.

“Oh, don't thank me yet, Harry,” she replied with a wink. She walked up and wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of his chocolate-covered erection. Then, Hermione squeezed her fingers together just enough to scrape off the sauce as she pulled them forward towards the head. Once her fingers cleared the tip, Hermione held them over her open mouth and let the sauce drip onto her outstretched tongue.

She then licked her fingers clean and announced, “Yum,” before banishing the balance of the splatter. Turning to Lisa and Lavender, Hermione said, “That was fun, but Harry needs his sweat curve data, and the chocolate would get in the way of the scraping.”

Lavender shook her head. “And I imagine you'll be walking Harry through the process?”

“You bet your chocolate-covered bum I am, Lavender-dear,” said Hermione sweetly. She grabbed Harry's hand (waving her engagement ring around as a reminder), and led him towards one of the sweat collection rooms.

“Sorry girls,” she said over her shoulder, “You'll just have to spank each other.”

Harry jutted out his lip in a fake pout and said, “Gee, Hermione, can't I at least stay and watch?”

His fiancee shook her head and smiled. “You've had enough fun with them…now it's my turn.”


A blast of dry heat hit Harry when Hermione opened the door to what was now designated as a “sweat collection room.” She gave Harry's bum a slap and said, “Inside, Mr. Candy Bar.”

Harry entered the room and spotted a small wood-fired stove and a platform of large round rocks that sat off to one side.  Cedar benches were pushed up against each wall, and a small pile of towels sat right next to the door. Hermione grabbed a towel as she passed by Harry, spread it out onto one of the benches, and sat down facing him.

Leaning back to rest her elbows on the ledge, she said, “Close the door, Harry, you're letting all of the heat out.”

Harry chuckled to himself as he complied, then stood back in front of Hermione. “So I suppose the heat is supposed to help generate the sweat?”

Hermione nodded. “We're on an accelerated testing schedule, what with having to go right to shagging before tomorrow noon.”

Harry cocked his head. “What sorts of testing do you have in mind?”

“Why validating our arithmantic equations predicting sweat potency, of course.”

Harry nodded, not completely certain what that meant. Hermione picked up on this and explained.

“Harry, do you remember all of the discussion about double pure sweat and sweat potency back on day one? And the questions about whether spanking sweat could be just as potent as shag sweat?”

“Erm, sure…you said it was a lot more complex than just sweat, pure sweat and double pure.”

“Exactly,” Hermione replied. “Well, while we were away there's been a lot of people working very hard on making sense of the magical basis for gladiator sweat potency. There has never really been any serious study, with predictive hypotheses and testable results, so it's all very exciting….Professor Vector's been having kittens over it all.”

Harry snorted. “So is she a cat animagus too?”

Hermione shot a foot out and kicked Harry lightly in the shin. “Stop it…anyway, there's been an awful lot of sweat collected under different conditions, and we've collected a mountain of raw data. No time to make complete sense of it, but one thing we do know is that there is more to sweat strength than shagging vs. not shagging.”

“What…are you saying my sweat would be at least slightly more potent if I was just snogging a virgin witch?”

“That's right, Harry,” Hermione said brightly. “There seems to be a correlation between sweat strength and level of sexual activity, although it's decidedly non-linear.”

“So,” said Harry dryly, “that's why I'm in here, rather than watching two naked witches spank each other?”

“Of course,” Hermione replied, as if the answer should be obvious. “The degree of non-linearity also appears to vary between individuals. So to pursue that kind of relationship, the Club has developed some uniform protocols for each wizard…it's basically a four-point curve.”

“Four points?” Harry asked. “And do any these points involve me playing with your points?”

“Erm, unfortunately, no,” said Hermione. “Although we might try that in a supplemental study.”

“Well good on that, I say,” Harry replied. “So what's the first point?”

“You've already done it…sweat during completely non-sexual activities…in your case it was riding on your broom.”

“It could have been a whole lot more sexual if you had been riding with me,” Harry snarked.

“Stop, Harry…we're short on time,” Hermione admonished. “Moving on, non-sexual is one endpoint, while shagging a virgin, of course, anchors the other side of the curve.”

“That makes sense,” said Harry. “So what kind of fun is involved in getting from point A to point D?”

Hermione smiled as she looked down at Mr. Phoenix (who had been altogether disinterested in the technical discussion). “Point 2 involves sweat collected during solitary sexual stimulation.”

It took Harry rolled a moment to figure it out. “You're going to scrape while I wank off?”

Hermione smiled and nodded vigorously.

“And I can't get any help from you?” Harry asked.

Hermione looked up at Harry's puppy-dog eyes and caved in. “Well…I can't make any skin contact, but I might be able to do something else to get Mr. Phoenix happy.”

When Harry cocked his head in interest, Hermione smiled, spread her legs, and trailed a finger from her left breast down towards her lower lips.

“Come on, Harry,” she purred, as she began to make lazy circles with her fingertips, “I know how much you like watching me get myself off.”

Both Harry and Mr. Phoenix responded positively to that assertion as he grabbed his now-erect penis and began to stroke.

Just as soon as Hermione spotted a light sheen of sweat on Harry's body she stopped her own stroking and jumped up to attach an open vial to the base of her scraper.

Harry groaned in disappointment.

“Oh, don't stop, Harry,” Hermione cooed, as she stepped behind him and dragged her tool across his shoulder blades. “That's just what I need right now.”

“What I need right now is the sight of your fingers buried inside your roost,” Harry whined.

“Hush, Harry,” Hermione replied. She then leaned up to his ear and whispered. “Be a good boy and play with yourself, and I'll be sure to scrape the sweat off of Mr. Phoenix.”

Harry was a good boy, and Hermione kept her word, and ninety seconds later the vial was full. Quite satisfied with her efforts, Hermione separated the vial from the scraper and capped it tightly. She had started to attach a second vial when she heard Harry let out a low, guttural groan, one that she'd heard many times before. In response, she set the scraper down, reached over and gave a firm pinch to the end of Harry's penis.

Harry's eyes flew open (they'd been shut in concentration while he had been stroking himself) and he let out a cry.

“What did you do that for?” he demanded.

“Sorry, Harry, but you can't get ahead of yourself.”

Hermione then finished attaching the second vial, and turned to face Harry, this time from the front.

“If it's any consolation,” she told him, “we can move on to the third point.”

Harry arched an eyebrow. “I think I might like that enough to forgive you,” he replied.

Hermione smiled, and pushed him to one side of the room. “Now, I'll need a little more room for this step,” she explained. Once she had positioned Harry so that his knees were up against a bench she got down onto her knees and grabbed hold of Mr. Phoenix.

“You remember this position, don't you Harry?”

Harry groaned and smiled at the same time. “So you're going to jerk and scrape at the same time?”

Hermione nodded. “Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to reach your upper body from this position.”

Harry paused and then asked, “Is that a problem?”

Hermione replied, “Yes, it will take me much longer to collect a full vial of sweat.”

Harry looked down as Hermione's hand deftly stroked Mr. Phoenix and asked a predictable follow-up.

“Is that a problem?”

Hermione smiled, and shook her head in response. She did, however, let go of Harry long enough to reach over and grab another empty vial. She offered it to him and said, “I will need your help, though, as my hands will be full.”

Harry took the vial and said, “Sure, what can I do?”

With a wicked grin, Hermione said, “Catch any spare fluid that shoots out the end…we can use it for some independent calibrations.”

Harry was quite happy to comply with this request.


Just after Harry and Hermione had begun their sweat collecting, Ron and Luna returned to the main room wearing only their smiles (one serene, the other rather nervous). It had taken a bit of doing on Luna's part to convince Ron to stay naked, but her predictions that everybody else in the room would be that way were borne out. Parvati had been the only one to survive their duel with their knickers (not counting Susan's panties presently tied loosely around the base of his Neville's penis), and she had managed to “misplace” them whilst watching Lisa spell-spank Lavender's bum).

“It's about time we saw your other patch of red, Weasley,” Parvati loudly announced.

Ron blushed and tried to cover himself, but Luna smartly slapped his hand away.

“Ronald is just a little self-conscious about the size of his penis,” she matter-of-factly explained.

“Bloody hell, Luna,” Ron exclaimed.

Luna ignored her boyfriend's lament.

“Salty Carrot really is much easier to see, though, when it's happy,” she explained to everyone.

“Salty Carrot?” chortled Seamus. “Blimey, Mate, I hope that's her name for it and not yours.”

Ron got even redder in embarrassment.

“Of course that's my name for his penis,” Luna replied. “Ronald isn't flexible enough to know whether his penis tastes salty or sweet when it is inside of his mouth.”

She then gave Ron's arm a reassuring squeeze and added, “Although you did say that my lips tasted salty right after I performed oral sex on you, didn't you Ronald?”

Between the roars of laughter and the hands that covered his face, it was hard to tell just how many times Ron said “Bloody Hell.”

Neville showed some pity and asked Luna to modify the room for a sweat-collecting spell-spanking. She nodded, and banks of large stone fireplaces appeared along the walls. Each was lit with a raging wood fire that provided loads of heat and the only available illumination (once Luna banished the ceiling lights). She next added some “mood music,” with the sound of bagpipes carrying across the room. (Hermione later asked Luna why she had selected bagpipe music, and was informed that it simply was the best music to send shivers down a witch's spine and into her folds). Luna finished off her changes by mentally “building” two modified broomsticks that were supported on wooden platforms at the ends of two of the dueling platforms.

These broomsticks stands were co-designed by Susan and Luna to support a witch while she was being spell-spanked by a wizard. Hermione and Harry later compared them to muggle kiddy-rides one might find in a shopping area. Except these rides weren't built for anyone under the age of consent.

Susan chose the closest broom and swung her leg over. There wasn't a saddle to sit in, but there were stirrups for her feet, hand grips down towards the front and a small, donut-shaped leather pillow that supported her head when Susan leaned forward and rested her body along the wooden shaft. Her breasts hung loose to either side of the stick. So did her lower lips, once Susan reached down and spread them properly.

With her clitoris now in direct contact with the smooth wooden handle, she announced, “Thanks, Luna, this thicker diameter is a much better fit.”

“I aim to please,” Luna replied. She then added, “I do have few more changes for you.” And with that, Susan's broomstick automatically shortened so that the base of bundled branches buffeted her bare bum.

Next came the animation.

“Oh…Merlin, Luna…a vibrating broomstick?”

Luna walked over to Susan and placed a hand on the Hufflepuff's jiggling bum.

“Do you like it?” she asked. “You should be able to control the broomstick's angle and vibration speed by twisting your handle grips.”

Susan squealed in delight as she cranked up the frequency and adjusted the stick angle to a spot that was just right.

“Bloody fantastic, Luna,” Susan gasped.

Luna nodded, then turned to Susan's so-called punisher. “Neville, will you line yourself up and make sure you've got a clear shot at her bum?

Neville willingly complied, and reported that his sightlines were perfect.

Ron finally got his mind past the image of witches rubbing themselves on broomsticks and noticed that there was one more contraption than the day previous.

“So who else is getting spell-spanked today?” he asked.

Luna turned to him and smiled. “Why me, of course, Ronald.” And as if to stifle any discussion on the matter, she walked over to the adjacent broomstick and climbed aboard.

“Bloody hell,” Ron exclaimed.

After a brief discussion, Lavender and Parvati volunteered to collect Ron's sweat and led him to a spot ten feet behind Luna's bum. At the same time Lisa and Padma grabbed scrapers and moved into position behind Neville and Susan. This left Seamus Finnegan as odd-man out, and he looked rather uncertain what to do. Lavender took pity on him and led him over to the couch that was still “notice-me-not” charmed. She suggested that he sit back, enjoy the show, and masturbate in relative anonymity.

She was even kind enough to start him off with a helping hand.

As Luna was facing down and had her back turned, she had to ask whether her boyfriend was in the required physical state for sweat collection.

“His sweat is a little clammy, but it will do,” replied Parvati.

Lavender, who had returned to her post with scrapers and vials, then added, “And his Salty Carrot isn't a sprout anymore either.”

“Great,” said Luna. “Just so you know, if he starts to go South, I've always found that sticking a finger up his bum helps keep Ronald nice and hard.”

There were five “bloodies” in front of the “hell” that a flustered Ron spat out amidst all of the jovial commentary on that advice.


By the time that Harry and Hermione had finished their work and returned to the main room, Susan and Luna sported bright red bums and were working on the beginnings of second orgasms. The other witches were working furiously to collect the sweat dripping off of Ron and Neville's bodies. Harry and Hermione watched as spell after spell was cast and smack after smack was applied. Neville ended up donating four vials of sweat before Susan used her safe word. He immediately dropped his wand and rushed to her side with a healing balm that he lovingly applied to each welt. On the other platform, Lavender and Parvati ended up collecting three full vials of Ron's sweat before Lavender scraped a little too closely to his balls and sent him off the ejaculatory edge.

Ron was extremely embarrassed, but Luna jumped up off of the broomstick and gave him a reassuring hug. After telling Ron that she was certain his sweat would be just as potent as any other wizard's, she cooled the room back down to a comfortable temperature and conjured towels and cold water bottles for everyone's use. Nobody blinked when Luna's “use” of the water bottles involved sitting her sore bum down on top of a row of four.

For the next few minutes the unspanked witches busied themselves labeling vials and recording their observations and comments into a log book. Somebody asked Harry if he planned on having a go at spell-spanking, but he declined, saying that it wasn't something that Hermione cared for, and not something he'd do on any other witch. Susan moaned, and it was hard for anyone to tell whether this was in disappointment or in relief as the murtlap began to take effect.

Ron's stomach growled and announced that it was dinner time. It was then resolved that Harry and Hermione would return to the room after eating and collect the shag sweat necessary to placate the hag. There were questions about the number of observers, and it was decided that, as it was an instructional exercise, the collection process would be open to all Club members.

A discussion then broke out on the most efficient means of collecting sweat from a shagging wizard. Mindful of the need for Harry's sweat to be generated mostly through sexual physical exertion, Susan suggested they shag standing up, with Hermione facing Harry and her arms around his shoulders while he held her up by her bum. They did some experimental positioning and realized that Harry's leg wouldn't be strong enough to support Hemione's weight. Hermione thought of leaning over a bed and Harry taking her from behind, but that wasn't deemed exertive enough to produce sweat. Luna then suggested a complex system of ropes and pulleys attached to a harness. It was a hard concept for her to explain, but with the capabilities of the Room of Requirement at their disposal, it wasn't hard at all to gin up a working prototype that called on Harry to pull down on ropes to move Hermione up and down on Mr. Phoenix. It was easiest to do when he was on his back and Hermione was hanging directly above him, but that made sweat collection problematic.

Without an obvious solution to that problem at hand, Hermione suggested that they break and think about it over dinner. There were more than a few cries of disappointment from those who were ready to see Harry and Hermione shag straight away, but Luna was able to mitigate most of those negative feelings when she asked the Room to create a half-dozen shower stalls against the side wall.

Harry marveled at Luna's creative imagination. The back wall and shower floors were tiled in black, with gold fixtures and muted lighting. The six stalls was separated from each other by translucent glass walls that were long enough and deep enough to create a dry staging area in front of each spigot. Within this area was a wide bench, a bin for soiled clothing, stacks of white fluffy towels and shelves that were filled with a variety of magically-scented soaps, oils, and shampoos.

The-Boy-Who-Lived wasn't all that surprised to notice that there weren't any doors on the shower stalls. It took him just a while longer to divide the number of club members by the number of stalls and to conclude that most of them would have company. This was quickly confirmed when people started to pair up. As Hermione and he walked hand in hand towards one of the middle stalls, Harry noticed Ron with Luna enter a stall, while Neville was being dragged by both Susan and Padma into the stall next to their own (“Yes, I was right, that lucky bastard!” he thought to himself). On their other side, Seamus and Lavender were holding hands and exchanging soft words. With these couplings in place, Lisa and Parvati had showers to themselves. Harry was too busy thinking about the chance to scrub Hermione's breasts to wonder whether these two witches were happy to be on their own.

“It seems like I've been waiting for the longest time,” he said, as they stood in the dressing area and he trailed fingertips up and down her thighs. He then leaned forward and grabbed a nipple ring in his mouth. While pulling back on the piercing with his teeth, he wrapped one hand around Mr. Phoenix and dove the other in between Hermione's legs.

“Merlin, Harry!” Hermione exclaimed, as her knees buckled. “I so want to shag you senseless right now!”

Hoots, hollers and words of encouragement from the other stalls demonstrated just how well her voice carried over the glass dividers.

Harry laughed as Hermione ducked her head with (at least a show of) embarrassment. He had planned on teasing her about her pre-shower wetness, but instead dragged her directly under the shower spray. After a wet tight embrace and powerful snog, he broke lip contact and said, “We've got more than enough scrapers next door if you really want to, love.”

Hermione snorted as she pushed him away. “We can't, you git…you just rinsed off at least a couple of vials of sweat.”

“More where that came from.”

Hermione put her hand up resolutely. “No, I will be strong. We'll do it right, right after dinner.”

Harry gave her puppy dog eyes. “Are you sure?”

Hermione nodded as she gave him a predatory look and lathered up soap in her hands. She grabbed Mr. Phoenix and nodded. “You, on the other hand,” she said, “should have another release before dinner to maximize your staying power.”

Harry smiled as he lavished sudsy attention onto Hermione's shoulders and breasts while she played with his slickened pubes. He couldn't help but notice the sights and sounds coming from the adjacent stalls. Luna's idea of privacy glass was uniquely her own. The barrier was a living, flowing dance of translucency and transparency, with blobs of clear glass forming and dissolving like the insides of a muggle lava lamp. The voyeur-friendly creation was unpredictable and semi-chaotic; the only pattern that Harry could discern was that there was never enough clear glass at the same time to see both a face and some naughty bits.

Unless, of course, a face was right up against those naughty bits.

It was relatively easy for Harry to track the movements of Neville and his two companions; Padma's light brown skin and dark brown nipples contrasted sharply against Susan's freckled complexion and nearly-translucent pink areolas. And with the walls barely six and a half feet high, the accompanying soundtrack helped lend form to what could be seen and almost-seen. Soft moans and urgent gasps suggested that many of the club members were finding similar ways to relieve the sexual tension that had built up within both themselves and their shower buddies.

Harry pulled his soapy fiancee into a tight embrace, and teased her bum with a fingernail as he whispered, “You do realize that whatever we do here will be heard and almost seen?”

Hermione smiled into his shoulder as she reached down and cupped Harry's balls.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” she whispered back.

Harry chuckled as he grabbed two handfuls of bum and ground against her.

“Right now,” he said softly, “I think I'm watching Neville suck on Padma's tits while Susan rubs Padma's back and bum.”

“They make a cute trio,” Hermione noted sweetly. “Jealous?”

“Of Neville?”


“Not with you here,” he replied.

“Oooh,” Hermione replied, as she dragged her finger across Harry's soapy arse cheeks. “You might get lucky with that kind of answer.”

“Think so?”

“And the word of the day is?”

Harry smirked. “Abso-fucking-lutely?”

“You got it.”

“So,” Harry said, “now I'm watching Susan reach in between the other two and she's stroking Neville….tell me what you see over my shoulder.”

Hermione went on her tip-toes, which just so conveniently gave Harry's hand easy access to her lower lips from behind. She let out a “Eep!” in surprise and ducked back down under his shoulder.

“What did you see?” Harry asked.

“Seamus,” Hermione said into his chest.

“Why so embarrassed?”

“Because I could almost see him smiling back at me.”

“And where was Lavender?”

“Marking her territory.”

“How's she doing that?”

“By sucking him off.”

Mr. Phoenix twitched big-time.

“Oh,” Hermione said, “you like the idea of Lavender sucking Seamus?”

“No,” Harry replied, “I like the idea of you doing that to me.”

Hermione smiled as she hugged Harry close.

“Would you like me to suck on Mr. Phoenix, Harry?”

Harry twitched again, betraying his true feelings when he replied, “Maybe later, when we've got some more privacy.”

“That's not what Mr. Phoenix is telling me,” Hermione cooed.

“Yeah, well he does have a mind of his own.”

“I like the way he thinks sometimes,” Hermione replied. “ And I don't mind almost being seen if you don't.”

“Are you sure, honey?”

“What's the word of the day?”

“Merlin, how did I ever get so lucky,” Harry asked.

Hermione chuckled. “The Fates felt so bad for fucking you over with that prophecy that they sent me to help balance the scales.”

“Fates?” Harry asked. “Nah, if anything you were Heaven-sent.”

Hermione gave Harry another squeeze on his bum. “There you go again,” she said, “saying things that should be rewarded.”

“No, I mean it,” Harry said.

“So do I,” Hermione replied. “Just one thing left for you to decide, then.”

“What's that?”

“Do you like the current view, or want to watch Seamus and Lavender?”

Harry snorted. Mr. Phoenix twitched again when he heard a yelp of surprised pleasure and barely made out the sight of Padma bending over and burying her face in Susan's crotch.

“Here's good,” he replied.

Hermione smiled as she broke the embrace to retrieve her wand from the bench. She turned the spray of water coming from the shower head into a fine mist of droplets, banished the soap from Harry's crotch, them aimed lower to cast a cushioning charm on the shower floor. Hermione dropped her wand as she dropped to her knees and grabbed Mr. Phoenix for an opened-mouth lick that extended from the base of Harry's testicles up to the tick of his tock. He gasped as she brought his bits back down closer to body perpendicular and started to tease the head with the tip of her tongue. It was all Harry could do not to violate the trust she was showing and to grab hold of the back of her head and thrust.

Harry sighed happily and closed his eyes tightly, as she grabbed Mr. Phoenix with both hands, and enveloped the balance with her mouth. He didn't dare open them at first, afraid that she might get scared off by his attention. She bobbed back and forth for a while, then began using her tongue to play with the head on each back stroke.

When Harry grew confident enough to open his eyes he looked down in loving wonder to see Hermione looking straight up at him. Her lips smiled around his width, as he reached down and lightly rubbed her scalp with his fingertips. In response, she let go of the hand closest to her lips and relaxed her throat in an effort to take even more of him inside her mouth.

“Merlin, you're beautiful, Hermione,” Harry said with awe. She pulled back in response, so that she could tease the underside of his balls with feather-light kisses.

Harry heard a small gasp as Hermione's action revealed the full length of his erection. He turned towards the sound and discovered that they were being watched.

A very naked Lisa Turpin had, at some point, entered the front of their shower stall, and was presently facing them whilst leaning against a dividing wall. One hand was buried in her crotch, while the other covered her mouth in shock at having been caught peeking.

Harry's eyes traveled from Lisa's feet, up through the partially covered unruly patch of brown curly hair, and then to her breasts, whose sickle-sized nipples were hard to the point of being angry. He finally raised his head to lock eyes with Lisa's, as each of them tried to quickly decide what an appropriate response should be to her intrusion. Harry's thoughts, of course, were both muddled and sharpened by the sensation of Hermione's tongue and lips as they continued to suckle Mr. Phoenix. Lisa looked embarrassed, but at the same time emboldened, and she held her position almost in a challenge for her right to watch.

Harry then looked down to where Hermione had continued to plant kisses on his underside. Her eyes were closed, and he doubted she knew. Harry almost hated the thought of telling Hermione, but with Lisa frozen in place like a doe in the headlights he felt he had no choice.


“Yes, Harry,” she replied, eyes still closed as she played her tongue on him.

“Erm…would it bother you to know that somebody is watching us right now?”

“Mmmmm” Hermione moaned with eyes still wide shut. “Neville and the girls enjoying the show, then?”

Harry looked up and tried to make sense of the glimpses of interlocked limbs and lips next door. “No, they seem to be focusing on each other,” he replied.

He then turned to see that Lisa, who had decided to reveal a slight smile when she dropped her hand to her chest and teased a nipple with her thumb and forefinger.

“Harry's probably referring to me, Hermione,” Lisa said boldly.

Hermione opened the one eye closest to the stall front. She then looked up and caught Harry's eyes with an expression that was practically dripping with sex. Hermione smiled, grabbed Mr. Phoenix by the base and turned towards the front of the stall.

“So, Lisa…you like to watch?” Hermione asked, as she slowly stroked Harry's penis.

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing, as his brain tried to wrap around the possibilities. He turned and caught the tail end of Lisa nodding in response, while she brazenly used her index finger to pull each of her lower lips to the side in order to provide clearer access to her clitoris.

“You can look,” Hermione informed Lisa, “but the only touching you get to do is on yourself. His willie is mine….all it?”

Lisa nodded.

“And another thing,” Hermione added, as she waved towards the stall shared by Neville, Padma and Susan. “I don't know and don't care if you swing both ways …but you should know that I don't, and that the same ownership privileges apply to Harry and my bits.”

The Ravenclaw witch once again nodded in understanding.

“Good,” Hermione replied. “Now, as long as you're invited, you might as well be comfortable…bring the bench up for a closer view.”

Lisa nodded, almost submissively, as she kicked the bench around so that it was parallel to the shower front. She then stepped over and sat down with her legs spread to shoulder length, each foot stretched out to rest upon the low tile barrier of the floor drain.

While Hermione maintained her stroke, she clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in slight admonishment. “Don't be shy, Lisa…give us a chance to get to know you a little better.”

Lisa caught her breath, nodded, and brought the bench up to the very edge of the stall. She then lifted her left leg up so that her heel rested on the bench edge. With her knee pointed out, this action caused her hairy folds to yawn open and to frame her engorged nub.

Hermione smiled, then pulled Mr. Phoenix around so that it was facing her rather than Lisa, and wrapped her lips half-way down his length. She bobbed back and forth a couple of times before releasing him with a satisfying smacking sound. She then looked up at Harry and buried him as far down into her throat as she could take without gagging. Backing off, she returned to stroking the base of Harry's penis while she sucked on the head.

Soft mewing sounds caught both Harry's and Hermione's attention, and they turned to watch Lisa as she pinched down hard on one of her nipples and rubbed her clit at such a furious pace that individual fingers were indistinguishable within the blur.

“Oh….Merlin!” Hermione said to herself, as she lost all control and patience and buried two fingers deep inside her own folds.

Over the course of their tantric vacation, Harry and Hermione had enjoyed many mutual masturbation sessions. They also learned to give and receive oral stimulation. But never had Harry witnessed Hermione touch herself while she held him in his mouth (she'd always been too afraid of losing control and biting down on accident). And if that wasn't the kind of visual cues to get the semen flowing, there was the naked girl he barely knew just a foot away with four fingers buried somewhere he couldn't see.

While Harry loved Hermione's blow-jobs, he had always needed to concentrate on what she was doing and what it felt like. There'd been more than one occasion where her mouth got too sore to continue before he came. But combine her tongue with the sight of both Lisa and Hermione masturbating?

Lights out.

“Ahh.. Hermione I'm about to….”

Hermione smiled as she sucked and grabbed even harder on Mr. Phoenix. Deciding not to reward their new friend with a money shot, she milked him with her lips and eagerly swallowed what he offered.

Harry's eyes were focused on Hermione, so he heard, rather than saw Lisa when she almost fell off the bench during her own orgasm. They both turned and watched Lisa's beautiful agony for a bit before catching each other's eyes.

“Merlin, Harry, you taste good,” Hermione announced with smug satisfaction.

Harry snorted in wonder, looked towards a recovering Lisa, then returned his gaze to Hermione and shook his head. He pulled his fiancee up to her feet and said, “Now it's my turn to test the cushioning charms.”

Harry got down on his knees and pulled Hermione's crotch towards his face. She squealed as she almost lost her balance.

Ten minutes and two orgasms later (one per witch), Harry stood back up with a goofy grin on his face. Hermione returned the smile as she turned to Lisa and asked “Care to join us for a wash-up?”

Lisa's eyes went wide. She shook her head slightly, grabbed a towel from the shelf, and wrapped it around herself as she ran out of the stall.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders. “Her loss,” she said.

Harry shook his head. “Hermione, were you inviting her to join us in a three-way?”

His fiancee slapped his arm. “Of course not, you perv…so what did you think about Lisa's interests?”

Harry smiled as he reached up and tweaked one of Hermione's nipples. “I think that it's you shy quiet book lovers that I have to worry about.”


Harry nodded. “Not that I'm complaining, mind you.”

“Good,” Hermione replied. “Now let's actually use this shower for its intended purpose.”

Harry let out a hearty laugh.

“What's so funny?” asked Hermione.

Once Harry caught his breath, he replied. “It's just that…just that Luna was the one that made these showers. Somehow I think we've already satisfied their intended purposes.”

Harry then leaned back against the divider, giving Susan and Padma an interesting view of his bum pressed up against the glass, and said, “You know we could always have Dobby bring some food up.”

Hermione shook her head, casting drops of water off from her mass of brown rivulets. “We could use a break from this room, and we've got some sweat scores to report to Professor Vector.”

Harry relented, and quickly finished rinsing off. He then helped Hermione towel dry, and they dressed in the clothes that had been magically cleaned and pressed while they had showered. As they walked out of the shower stall they exchanged knowing looks as they passed by their coupled (and tripled) classmates. When he got to the end of the row, Harry pulled on Hermione's hand and stopped her. Hermione looked inside the stall and smiled at the sight of Lisa, whose hair-covered lips were exposed from the rear as she bent over to step into her knickers.

“Lisa?” Harry asked.

The Ravenclaw jumped up in fright as she pulled her panties up and twirled around with one arm draped protectively in front of her breasts.

“Suddenly shy?” asked Hermione. “No matter,” she continued. “Harry and I were wondering if you'd care to join us for dinner”

“You…you want to eat with me?” Lisa asked.

Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “There's probably a joke somewhere in there about wanting to eat with you after you watched Hermione and me eat each other out, but….we really would like to learn more about you than the fact that you like to watch.”

Lisa's eyes lit up.

“Not that there's anything wrong with that,” he added with a roguish grin.

The Seventh-Year nodded. “Give me a minute Harry, while I finish dressing.”

Harry and Hermione snorted at Lisa's sudden bout of modesty. Neither of them were snarky enough to protest and claim that they liked to watch just as much as she did. They politely turned their backs, and waited for their dinner companion to join them.

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