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Kinsfire posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2012 4:13pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

I know it's got some decent comedy in this, but I really want to see somewhere, when this is done, a small conversation from someone other than Harry, explaining why Harry will no longer visit the Burrow. Nothing about Molly is funny in this, although that is purely my opinion, and not some "Pronouncement From On High". *laugh*

This is a very enjoyable story, save Molly the Infuriating.

serbobiv posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2012 8:26pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Amazing story, mate!

keep up to great work

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2012 7:57pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

All this crap with Molly and the likes is really starting to drive me insane. I so wish Harry's birthday would hurry up and arrive and for him to take up his birthright. Then, right before triggering the portkey to take him to happiness, flick DumbDumb and Molly off and tell them there is no way he is sheathing his wand with their chosen scabard. It sems that the Goblins are more on Harry's side than against him.

Mark Safransky posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2012 1:13pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Oh, this was a great chapter. Loved the camel joke in the Curse-Breaker's Canteen as well as another great look into Goblin culture. Can't wait to see the fallout when the plans of the foursome and Gringotts goes forward, I'm sure Dumbledore as well as Molly will freak out at the situation. Please keep this great story rolling forward!

aflamp posted a comment on Saturday 31st March 2012 3:05pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

I'm really enjoying this story. Can't wait to read the next few chapters.

ladysavay posted a comment on Saturday 31st March 2012 3:29am for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Liked it all till she, once again, as it seems to be in every story with this 'free the elves' Hermione mindset, sat aside the information she should have finally read in order to get all wet and giggly at the idea her 'teen age' boyfriend might be thinking nasty thoughts about her in bed. Well, DUH!

kb0 posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 9:00pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

> “Ah, yes…our newest vault owner,” Chokebar agreed. “I suppose that the client can’t just throw the girl into his cart and call it a honeymoon?”

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud at that. Very funny! :)

There was something I was going to ask about in the first half of the story, but I can't remember now for the life of me. I guess that's what I get for going to dinner in the middle of the story. :( Oh well...

Anyway, thanks for continuing this story and for sharing!


Quincy posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 5:51pm for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Please either write Mrs. Weasley as less of a raging bitch or find a way around her.

I understand the reasons for writing her this way, but I'd rather enjoy what I'm reading.

gadriam posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 11:30am for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Hey Headache, you need to up your Antacids.

headbanger posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 9:43am for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

I've been following this story out of inertia since it was first published, but I couldn't be bothered to read this chapter till the end. The minor reason being that I can't be arsed to go back and remember what went on in the previous chapters, because I forgot in the massive amount of time since the last update, but mainly because the Goblin-Wizard relationship is so badly written and full of cliches. Which can be said of the story in general.

Wizards that live and work with Goblins and are treated as friends and equals? Goblins that give a damn about a wizard's money for the wizard's sake? Please. A cannon goblin being outraged by a subordinate goblin's disrespect towards an employee, however well-connected, sounds about as far-fetched as your big grand conspiracy that everyone except some people who barely know Harry in passing, and his love interest, are in on.

Also, I didn't see where you went with the Potter house-elves, but I bet it's somewhere along the lines of Harry panicking over letting Hermione know, cue her flipping her lid or just calmly assuming he will free them, and then Harry gallantly giving every one of them wages and days off. Or even worse, comming to a compromise to pay wages to those who want them and letting others remain slaves. I know that's not being fair to you, accusing you without actually having read the chapter, but I feel you're not going to be satisfied until you've brought every pathetic cliche from every pathetic Harry/Hermione romance that's out there.

In summary; BAD. I'm just sad that it took me a while to snap out of it and stop reading this.

gadriam posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 9:24am for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Nicely wrought. I do enjoy these little forages into the mysterious world of Gringotts. The division, the apprentice system, the wall of fame and the history was fantastic. The punishment-by-storytelling is always fun regardless of how funny the joke actually is. Unspoken rulebooks rule! In this chapter, i actually preferred the Bill-part a lot more than the Harry-part. This is of course due to Molly. You write her very well. I grind my teeth in substitute frustration. My pulse jumped up 20 bpm in transferred stress. I do expect a freedom-induced paroxysm once they get out of her reach. Or maybe they'll just sleep, holding hands.

Yup, you're good. Damn i hate that woman.

Anyway, i will now go out and dig a big damn hole in the lawn in your honor. I will name it Molly.

When you update, I'm not far away.


GremlinXTJ posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 3:05am for Chapter 7: Innocents Abroad?

Thanks for the chapter as it was a fun read. You must be overjoyed with Fleurs improving accent. :D Must be a nightmare to keep in mind and write all the time. Although the practice parts are funny.

And I hope your dads surgery goes well.