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I started writing Harry Potter fanfics in 2006, at the height of the pre-HBP shipping wars.  But the shipping wars ended long ago, and harmony won. What? You don't think so? Well, then...either I'm delusional, or my nom de plume applies.

I am not a writer.  I am a storyteller that writes internet-posted fanfics in order to reach my audience.  New readers can expect straight-ahead, (mostly) R-rated romantic comedies that are heavily influenced by Monty Python,  Tracy and Hepburn, and my (very) amateur career in improv and musical theater.  The should also expect new stories being started before old ones are finished, and irregular posting schedules.

Story tellers rarely tell the same story twice, even if it's the same story.  I tinker, and edit, and revise my stories, even after they've been posted...and especially if they were posted at the start of my "career" as a fanfic author.  My writing has improved dramatically over the much that one reviewer more or less accused me of hiring somebody else to write the last third of Muggle Summer, Wizard's Fall (which has been a WIP for as long as I've been writing).    The undeserved (but very much appreciated) invitation to join the real writers on this site gives me a golden opportunity to post my stories as I think they should be told today. 

In the meantime, most all of my stories are archived as google docs, and impatient new readers can find my "canon" at One Portal To Rule Them All. This link will also provide readers with access to a couple of stories that I will not be posting on this site (e.g. La Blue Wizard).   The WIPs that are crowded along the back burners of my portfolio will also not make the trip until I've got something new to add to them...some self-incentive to address the oft-made (and deserved) complaint that I follow where the muse leads me with rare regard for finishing what she helped start. The one exception is Muggle Summer...the much improved revision needed/deserved an on-line home.


ccso February, 2011